We are pleased to announce an update to our service process.The application of new technology and staffing resources will increase the efficiency of communication between your service staff and our services staff.

Moving forward, send all service requests to

The content should include a digital copy of your service work order or a detailed message of the service request. Phone call service requests will still be available, but a priority will be given to email submissions. We thank you for your patience, as we continually strive to meet or exceed your standards.


  • Projects Completed on Schedule and Within Budget
  • Superior Project Management
  • Specialized Supervision
  • Coordination with Other Trades
  • Trained Crews
  • Labour and Material Controls
  • Excellent Communication
  • Value Engineering Analysis if Requested
  • Quick Resolution of Issues
  • 100% Commitment to Safety


Commercial Application

  • Metal stud framing (interior and exterior)
  • Drywall sheathing (interior and exterior)
  • Wood and metal blocking
  • Plywood sheathing
  • Suspended Acoustical & Adhesively Applied Ceilings
  • Ceiling tbar & Acoustical tile systems
  • Fabric-Wrapped Acoustical Ceiling & Wall Panels
  • Stretch Fabric Wall & Ceiling Systems
  • Wall and Ceiling Absorbers & Diffusers
  • Decorative Metal & Wood Ceilings
  • Decorative Wall Frames
  • Acoustical Solutions (Fabric Covered and Site Fabricated)
  • Abuse Resistance Wall & Ceiling Panels
  • High level security walls
  • Curved Metal Ceilings
  • Embossed Metal and Wood Panels
  • Linear Ceilings (Metal and Wood)
  • Metal Ceiling Tiles
  • Skylight Ceilings
  • Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems
  • Direct Applied Exterior Finish Systems
  • Metal Lath and Plaster Trims
  • Level 5 Finishing
  • Interior Gypsum Plaster
  • Interior Veneer Plasters
  • Decorative/Ornamental Plaster Moldings
  • Standard, Medium & High Density Cementitious Fireproofing Application
  • Intumescent Fireproofing Application
  • Sound Attenuation Insulation
  • Thermal Bat Insulation
  • Blow-in Attic Insulation
  • Spray Applied Foam Insulation


Residential Services

  • Spray or trowel plaster application
  • Level 5 finish
  • Gypsum supply and install
  • Custom decorative design
  • Textures
  • Vapour barrier
  • Spray foam
  • Thermal and acoustical insulation
  • Blow-in insulation
  • Mould resistant gypsum