A Family Approach

Spanning over four decades and across Ontario, Nelmar Drywall has been a pillar in the industry.  Since inception the vision and principles of founder Frank Dell’Elce remain true today, a profound legacy that exemplifies the benefits of a family business, while integrating a unique process and procedure that lends an advantage to Builders, Developers and General Contractors across the province.

The Foundation of Success - Our Values

A set of values initiated in 1976 is the foundation of Nelmar’s success. While some use words such as Quality or Integrity as buzz words to prospective clients; we integrate those words into the fabric of who we are and what we stand for. Nelmar does not celebrate achieving the standard, but exceeding it, raising the bar and continuing to lead the industry in quality, integrity and the value of our co-workers.

Our Integrity

It is difficult to use the word integrity without mentioning respect. Defining our perspective of integrity includes respecting clients, co-workers, stake-holders, our counter parts and our principles. Our reputation of integrity has grown for 40 years and will continue to grow with each passing day as we hold this value true.

Our Quality

Striving for excellence in the quality of workmanship, management and organization is in the roots of our corporate philosophy. It can not be turned on and off, striving for excellence is either who you are or what you are pretending to be. Striving for excellence is evident throughout the organization; from the first point of contact to the completed job. Our commitment to quality is exemplified by our motivation to improve all aspects of our business in order to exceed our clients expectations.

Our Value of Co-Workers

We provide a high level of service to our clients; this can not be possible without our family of co-workers who make this happen. The ultimate benefit of a family business is the understanding of what family means.  Nelmar co-workers enjoy equitable employment within the organization. Providing stability, a safe working environment, fair wages and a healthy work/life balance is a crucial component for our co-workers to develop a strong family at home. Without this value we cannot speak to Quality or Integrity; we are as good as our co-workers, we must value each other to continue our success.