Thank you to all those who helped made the Michelangelo Cup a success.

We are proud to announce that we exceeded our fundraising goals and raised over $383,000 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre


We are pleased to announce an update to our service process.The application of new technology and staffing resources will increase the efficiency of communication between your service staff and our services staff.

Moving forward, send all service requests to

The content should include a digital copy of your service work order or a detailed message of the service request. Phone call service requests will still be available, but a priority will be given to email submissions. We thank you for your patience, as we continually strive to meet or exceed your standards.

Spanning over four decades and across Ontario, Nelmar Drywall has been a pillar in the industry. Since inception the vision and principles...The Company >

our Integrity

It is difficult to use the word integrity without mentioning respect. Defining our perspective of integrity includes respecting clients, co-workers, stake-holders, our counter parts and our principles.

Our quality

Striving for excellence in the quality of workmanship, management and organization is in the roots of our corporate philosophy. It can not be turned on and off, striving for excellence is either who you are or what you are pretending to be.

our co-workers

We provide a high level of service to our clients; this can not be possible without our family of co-workers who make this happen. The ultimate benefit of a family business is the understanding of what family means.